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February 20, 2024

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3 Steps to Starting Your Mortgage Strategy

Step 1: Complete Application

This should only take 10-15 minutes

Step 2: Sign Consent Forms

Every applicant needs to complete this

Step 3: Complete Survey

Only the primary applicant needs to do this

When completing the application, please provide the following information:

Address and Employment History

  • Living Addresses for at least the last 3 years (longer than 3 years is preferred)
  • All employment history for the last 3 years (longer than 3 years is preferred)


  • List the banks you have accounts with, the type of account (chequing/saving) and the balance.
    • If that account will be used for down payment or closing costs, please indicate it.
  • List any investments you have. Including the institution, account type (RRSP, TFSA, etc) and balance.
  • Any vehicles (make, model, year, and estimated value)
  • Any properties you own, co-own, or are a guarantor for
    • Include any mortgage information you know


  • I will pull a credit bureau and populate this area for you so it is not necessary to complete this.

Once the application has been completed, you will automatically be provided a list of all the required documentation.  You can upload that documentation into the secure portal.  It’s fast, secure, and simple! 

Note: We usually need to have a quick call afterwards to fill in any blanks and get clarification on some of the items in the application and your goals.


Does this sound scary?  If so, click here and let’s do the application TOGETHER over the telephone, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.  This will allow me to provide you with the very best way for us to get to know each other and show you all the pieces that fit into a mortgage qualification.