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Total Wealth Mortgage

We deliver a modern mortgage experience with clear advice, simple charts, and detailed mortgage options using our Total Wealth Mortgage (TWM).  The TWM is a proprietary tool that my team developed to communicate different loan options for clients. Using this tool, helps remove the emotion out of the transaction by showing you the underlying data.  Our advice changes lives and helps you make a confident, data-driven mortgage decision.

With our unique process, we deliver a complete and personalized mortgage experience, with graphs, charts, videos, and audio recordings, that can be viewed on any of your devices.  I demonstrate my commitment and value to you through a transparent and educational experience that you just cannot get anywhere else.

A Total Wealth Mortgage outlines several mortgage scenarios so you can determine which one not only works for your current situation, but also aligns with your long-term goals.

People Need Professional Debt Management

It’s common understanding that people should hire a professional Financial Advisor to help them make smart financial decisions, yet they trust 50% or more of their financial picture to someone who works for the very corporations that are tasked with taking their money.  A mortgage is the single largest indebtedness that you will ever undertake so it’s vitally important to make sure that the product you are in compliments your financial strategy.  A great retirement starts with proper planning, discipline, and proactively monitoring your progress to make sure you always remain on track to reach your goals.  Our job really begins AFTER your loan funds because market conditions and personal lives are dynamic, often requiring an adjustment to your debt structure or mortgage product.  Our consistent, strategic advice and service is why we receive most of our clients by referrals from Financial Professionals, Accountants, and Lawyers.